Welcome Friends! We would like for you to meet the amazing and talented Jackie Salas of Hairstyles & Makeup by Jackie. Your traveling hair and makeup artist team. As fun as it is, wedding planning can sometimes be overwhelming and your #peacocksquad would love to share some tips, best advice and inspiration from some of the best vendors in the wedding industry with our couples. Learn more about her and her company in our conversation below.



~Tell us a little bit about yourself and your company. How and why did you decide to specialize in hair and makeup?

I started my Professional Hair & Makeup Artist Career after graduating from Paul Mitchell in 2009. Ever since I can
remember, I have been obsessed with designing hair and applying makeup. I knew as soon as I got my Cosmetology License that my long term goal was to specialize in Bridal Hair Design & Makeup Artistry. I envisioned my future and I was not going to stop until reaching my goal. Today, our staff consists of more than just me. We have 6 artists and we have done over 5,000 clients for special events. Every year we have grown! I am the lead educator for our hair stylists & Makeup Artists, as well as the vision and force behind the company as we continue to grow.


~ Where do you get your inspiration? What is your favorite part of your job?

My brides are my biggest inspiration, simply because every time I work with a new Bride, it is always a great experience. I take the time to know exactly what they are looking for. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the look on my Bride’s  face when they look in the mirror and smile – that is true beauty! And that is my favorite part of my job.


~Describe your style in three words.

Creative, Passionate & Professional
~Are there any trends that you absolutely LOVE or would Love to see brides/clients leave behind?

bride hairstyles & makeup
Ohhhhh Yesssss, great question, thankfully all of my brides tend to be up to date with bridal trends thanks to Pinterest. I am absolutely in love with the big curly long hairstyles, which has been one of the most requested styles for the past 2 years. It is a timeless look and looks great on every bride, and also you can never go wrong with the classics, the Neutral Makeup Look (think earth tones) and a little bit of sparkles on the lid add dimension to the look.


~ Any great story from working with a bride

Honestly, they are so many great stories but one Bride always has stood close to my heart forever. Upon arriving to glam up our bride, she was in tears because so many things kept going wrong for her wedding day, her bridal party was honestly no help. So I took it upon myself to take her outside and have a conversation with her, after letting her pour her heart out to me, I advised her that it was her special day, nothing and no one was going to ruin it. I also told her many other things to lift her spirits up. I hugged her, we cried and laughed together, we had a lot in common and had a great sisterhood connection. In the end, she looked absolutely amazing and she was so thankful….I will forever cherish that.


~ What are some of your favorite cosmetic must haves? What are the most popular makeup brands currently in demand?

Some of my favorite cosmetic must haves include: Urban Decay Weightless liquid foundation, Tarte shape tape concealer, the new liquid lipsticks from any brands, and my ultimate favorite Mascara Mac In Extreme Dimension 3D Black.  The most popular brands currently on Demand are: Nars, Urban Decay, Tarte, Mac, Clinique, Lancome & Estee Lauder, we also looovveeee Airbrush foundation.


~ What is the biggest lesson you have learned and would pass along to other Hair and Makeup Artist just getting started?

Twedding hairstyles & makeup by jackiehe Biggest lesson I have learned as a Professional Hair & Makeup artist is communication with your clients. I cannot stress enough how important it is to be on the same page with your clients at all times. Also, be patient and kind, always remember weddings are stressful enough and we as artists are there to give the Client a pleasant & unforgettable Glamour experience.


~ What do you tell brides who aren’t sure they need a hair and make up artist for their wedding day?

For those brides who are not sure about hiring a Professional hair & makeup artist for their wedding day, here is why it is important and crucial to hire a professional Hair & Makeup Artist.

A wedding is a Once in a Lifetime Event that is filled with many beautiful memories, you should be stress free. Most makeup artists & hair stylists will typically travel to your home, hotel, or venue to beautify you; which allows you to not only save time on traveling but also prevents the stress of traveling back and forth when you should be relaxing and focusing on your big day. This will relieve some of the stresses and pressures of your wedding day and allow you to just enjoy being pampered. It truly will make a difference in your demeanor and overall attitude towards this busy and hectic, yet wonderful day. You are going to look your best on the most important date of your life, we know the highest quality product that will be most beneficial to you. Often times everyday makeup will not translate well to professional photos- your wedding photos are forever. It is important to have a makeup artist that can find the right balance of just the right amount of makeup and the right products, so that you can get the photos you’ve always dreamed of.  It is a delicate balance.

Remember, your wedding day IS ALL ABOUT YOU!!!!


~ How far in advance should someone book you?

I tend to get booked up fairly quickly, specially in wedding season. My best advise is to book at least a year in advance.


~ What is your top tip for current and potential bride?

My Top tip for my current and potential bride is to NOT WASH YOUR HAIR the day of your wedding…

Let your hair’s natural oils work their magic―they’ll make it look shinier and healthier, and help keep whatever style you have in place longer, “Shampoo and condition the night before and let it air dry unless you have extremely curly hair then I advise you to blow it out for maximum results.


~And just for fun. If you were a beverage / cocktail, What would you be?

If I was a Drink, I would be a Raspberry Mojito !! Sweet and refreshing, with a little kick. lol



bride hairstyles & makeup

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We have had the pleasure of working with Jackie and her team on a number of occasions. Most recently, we worked with her team on our first Quince. Ariana looked like a princess.

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The best way to get in contact with Jackie is through email jackie@the911stylist.com or by phone 407-529-8996

She can also be found through her website www.the911stylist.com


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You can also follow Jackie on Facebook: Hairstyles and Makeup by Jackie, on  Instagram: glamhairmakeup/ and on Pinterest: the911stylist.com