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Kristina and Taylor’s Romantically Southern Wedding

Ever dream of finding a hidden garden? Like you used to see in old romance movies, where the prince sweeps the princess off to a private part of the garden that no one else knows about. The Estate on the Halifax is just the perfect hidden gem nestled in Port Orange, Florida. Kristina + Taylor were blown away with this riverfront historic estate home with breathtaking views and serene surroundings….Who wouldn’t want to have a two-story historic house with an amazing waterfront view to get ready with your bridal party on wedding day? Their wedding was our first one at [...]

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New Page Coming Soon- “Planning With the Peacocks”

On our new Page you will get the chance to meet some of our amazing Vendor. Or as we like to call them, "Friendors." This week's Friendor is...    Paper Goat Post   You've found the person you love, picked a wedding venue and selected a date. Now it's time to invite guests to your wedding! Designing and ordering your wedding invitations brings up all sorts of questions, from etiquette to design choices, and when to send out the invitations. We've asked our amazing friendor experts, twin sisters, Cedar & Megan from Paper Goat Post some of the most common wedding [...]

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A Wedding Planner’s 911 Kit

Most brides worry themselves sick thinking that something will go wrong on the day of their wedding. Learning to be too prepared for any possible problem is the best thing a wedding planner can do. One must anticipate things that could go wrong and do whatever they can to avoid them. Each client will have their own unique needs, and therefore, they'll have their own particular problem to resolve. Being prepared for wedding day emergencies means foreseeing any potential problems—​​with the client, the venue or the vendors—​and having the necessary supplies to prevent these problems before they affect the wedding [...]

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The importance of a Wedding Timeline

Building a wedding timeline is not for the faint of heart, but if constructed well, it can help make your wedding day run smoothly. There are many aspects to think about when creating events timelines, things that many people do not think about. First, there is the obvious aspect, timing. We suggest that you first contact the venue. The venue’s coordinator will be able to provide a time for when the space is available for set up. Once that time is known, the other vendors are able to create their schedules. If the venue is not available until 3pm, then [...]

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