Welcome Friends! We would like for you to meet the amazing and talented couple behind Amalie Orrange Photography, Orlando wedding photographers. We had the pleasure of working with Amalie and Jeff recently and they far exceed any and all of our expectations. They were sweet and very professional and their talent is just stunning. They will simply captured every single beautiful moment and detail of the best day of your lives perfectly!! As fun as it is, wedding planning can sometimes be overwhelming and we would love to share some of their best tips and inspiration with our couples.


~How many years have you been in business and what do you like the most about it? Small intro bio?

We are Jeff & Amalie,  a husband and wife photography duo from Orlando Florida. We started Amalie Orrange Photography together and have been photographing weddings for 6 years this November. We focus on photographing wedding, engagements and small business brands. Lovers of all things handmade and crafty, ummmm Pinterest addicts right here! We think that every couple is unique and your images should reflect the love and joy between you and the love of your life.

~How far in advance do you book weddings?

We typically book 12-18 months out. Most of our clients book us a year in advance since we take a limited number of weddings per year (20) to insure that our clients have a personalized and unique experience.

~ What first drew you to your style of photography?

I (Amalie) have a background in fashion photography and was originally a film photographer. I love the softness and color tones of film so I mimic that in my shooting and editing style.

Describe your photography style in three words.

Romantic, timeless and joy filled …okay that 4 but close enough!

~Favorite lens you use and why?

My ALL time favorite, that is my workhorse lens is my Sigma 50 mm art lenses, so dreamy!

~What is your favorite moment to photograph at a wedding?

Our favorite moments are when our couples first see each other and the getting ready part of the day, the anticipation and excitement of the day are so much fun.

~If you could shoot a wedding anywhere, where would it be and why?

Probably Lake Como in Italy or Paris, I love both of these cities because they are filled with romance!

~What steps do you take to make couple’s experience with you as pleasant and memorable as possible?

We know the day goes by incredibly fast so and want make sure that our time spent with our couples is the most calming part of their day. We are organized, experienced and adaptable with all the changes of the wedding day and there to help in any way we can.

~What is your best piece of advice for engaged couples?

Look at sunset times when planning your ceremony time, we suggest having ceremonies two hours prior to sunset if you are not doing a first look and one hour prior to sunset if you are doing a first look. We love the RISE app for sunset/sunrise times.  And most of all ENJOY… drink the day in and hire professionals that will make your day an experience and run seamlessly!

Real Life. Real Memories. Capture it All.

Check Out Their Amazing website: http://amalieorrangephotography.com/