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Pop The Champagne… It’s Engagement Season!!

Getting engaged is a day that most girls dream of from a young age. Wedding engagements can be one of the most exciting parts of the wedding process. Proposing to the love of your life is possibly the single most nail-biting experience one could ever face. The stress of getting that one special moment right can be the biggest decision you will ever have to make. Once you've made the decision to propose, you want to get it over with ASAP. But don't let your nerves make you blurt out those four little words before the moment's right. The proposal [...]

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Embrace a Weather Back Up Plan

  Planning a wedding, especially if it is outdoors should include a weather backup plan.  Every couple put their heart and soul into planning their dream wedding. They have this perfect image in their minds of how this day will look. For many of them, that image includes an outdoor wedding. As wedding planners, we take no pleasure in crushing that image. However, sometimes it happens. When we tell our couples that the outdoor wedding they planned has to be moved inside, that is essentially how it feels. The decision to move inside is not one we make lightly. If [...]

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The Importance of Hiring Professional Wedding Vendors

  Wouldn't it be wonderful if weddings just planned themselves and automatically included everything you ever wanted? So what do you do when your bank account can't accommodate your wedding fantasy? The natural inclination is to cut corners wherever you can. Sometimes it's enough just to pare down your guest list or switch from a formal seated dinner to an hors d'oeuvres reception. But more often than not, you assume that staying within your budget means cutting back completely on professional services. But the old adage, "You get what you pay for," really comes into play here. Skimp on services [...]

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Meet Amalie & Jeff, Orlando Wedding Photographers

Welcome Friends! We would like for you to meet the amazing and talented couple behind Amalie Orrange Photography, Orlando wedding photographers. We had the pleasure of working with Amalie and Jeff recently and they far exceed any and all of our expectations. They were sweet and very professional and their talent is just stunning. They will simply captured every single beautiful moment and detail of the best day of your lives perfectly!! As fun as it is, wedding planning can sometimes be overwhelming and we would love to share some of their best tips and inspiration with our couples.   [...]

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The Value of Having Preferred Vendors List

Planning your wedding, as exciting as it is, can also be a daunting challenge. How do you know who will be the right fit for your wedding? It is beyond easy to hop on to one of the many wedding websites to search for your vendors; after all, their reviews sound great and their photos are usually gorgeous. So what is the benefit of selecting your vendors from a preferred vendor list when there are so many virtual options at your fingertips? The answer can be summed up in four words, your wedding dream team.   When a company creates [...]

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