Planning your wedding, as exciting as it is, can also be a daunting challenge. How do you know who will be the right fit for your wedding? It is beyond easy to hop on to one of the many wedding websites to search for your vendors; after all, their reviews sound great and their photos are usually gorgeous. So what is the benefit of selecting your vendors from a preferred vendor list when there are so many virtual options at your fingertips? The answer can be summed up in four words, your wedding dream team.


When a company creates a preferred vendors list, the discussion of who to place on the list is not taken lightly. Most wedding planners have a preferred vendors lists, as do most venues. We at Pavone Events do have a preferred vendors lists; it is a list that we are constantly updating based on the product of work that the vendors deliver. We want to provide our couples with options in various price ranges, it for allow for all budgets to find something they are truly happy with.


Now, just because there is a preferred vendors list does not necessarily mean that you have to choose from the list. There are, however, several benefits that come with selecting a preferred vendor. Sometimes a company will give discounts to planners for recommending them, we pass those discounts directly on to our couples. If a company is placed on our list, we stand by them.


Before a professional is selected for our list, we set up a meeting so that we can all get to know each other personally. By doing this, it allows us to create a relationship with their staff. The relationships we form help foster better communication, which in this industry is key. Without good communication, details can be forgotten. It also allows for wedding day set up to be executed with ease. In the end that is all that really matters, that the wedding goes off without hassle.


Vendor categories:








Hair and Make up




There should also have contact information listed for each company.

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