Over the years we have watched the wedding industry grow and become more diverse. We live in a multicultural society and yet there is still a lot of stigma attached to the fusion of different cultures. We are seeing more couples wanting to do more fusion and multicultural weddings. Weddings have definitely evolved; nowadays there are so many interfaith weddings where key elements are brought together from different cultures to create a wedding tailored to the couples as well as their families. This was the case for Natasha and Lukas as they planned their fusion wedding weekend this past April. It was a marvelous mixture of an Indian celebration, the traditional American, with a splash of Colombian culture. The wedding events were held at Reunion Resort. The lovely couple blended their cultures and traditions into every moment of their wedding events seamlessly.

The first day was dedicated to the traditional Hindu ceremonies, where bright colors, ornate details and ancient rituals were the centerpieces of the celebrations.Lukas’ family are practicing Hindus, his father is even a Priest. It was important to him and his family that they incorporate their faith into the ceremony. Natasha had her Mendi the evening before where she had the Henna designed on her hands and feet, as traditionally done before Indian ceremonies. The Indian ceremony was held on the first day of the two day event. In the Indian culture, the groom is lead on horseback to the ceremony space, in a processional called a Baraat. Lukas’ Baraat was a sight to behold. All of his family and friends gathered around him and his noble steed; the group made their way to the ceremony dancing and singing the whole way. When Lukas arrived a prayer was hald before moving to the actual ceremony. Natasha had her whole grand entrance. Lead by her mother, Natasha walked down the aisle sheltered by the fabric held over her by Lukas’ groomsmen.

Following the ceremony was the Sangeet, a stunning celebration. Hues of reds, golds, and ivories were strung throughout the reception room. Natasha and Lukas enjoyed the evening from atop of their thrones. While one of Lukas’ cousins sang a song in their honor. Several of Lukas’ female cousins performed an outstanding dancing performance for the bride and groom. This Sangeet was a tribute to the family and their joy to be welcoming Natasha.

Their American ceremony took place on the golf course with a beautiful sunset backdrop as Natasha and Lukas said their “I Dos.” She wore a gorgeous silhouette white dress with a long train and her elegant bouquet of Calla Lilies completed her stunning bridal look. Even with having the Indian ceremony the day before, Lukas never lost that look in his eye of how awed he was by her beauty.

The reception was breathtaking, as if we expected anything less. Natasha and Lukas decided, however, that they wanted this reception to be less formal. Their introduction song was “Uptown Funk”. “A Tale as Old as Time” was played during the ceremony, it only seemed fitting that  for the cake topper they had Beauty and the Beast dancing. As the evening progressed, the guests were in for a surprise as a Colombian style performance dances took the dance floor by storm.

This wedding was truly a testament to Natasha and Lukas. It showcased both of their cultures and style beautifully. Not all weddings are able to accomplish it, and we are glad to have been able to facilitate this wonderful couple. When everything flows together oh so perfectly, our wedding loving hearts skips a beat and that’s exactly what happened as we soaked up all the seamless beauty of this stunning fusion soiree.



Fusion wedding  



Planner: Pavone Events

Venue: The Reunion Resort

Catering: Khasiyat

Cake: Party Flavors Custom Cakes

Florist: Raining Roses

DJ: Soundwave Entertainment Systems, Dudha Productions

Hair and Makeup: Michelle Renee The Studio

Entertainment/Dancers: Penguin Entertainment LLC

Photography: Kristin Seitz Photography

Videography: Tripllle Pictures

Rentals: Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals

Horse: Orlando Horse & Carriage