On our new Page you will get the chance to meet some of our amazing Vendor. Or as we like to call them, “Friendors.” This week’s Friendor is… 


Paper Goat Post


You’ve found the person you love, picked a wedding venue and selected a date. Now it’s time to invite guests to your wedding! Designing and ordering your wedding invitations brings up all sorts of questions, from etiquette to design choices, and when to send out the invitations. We’ve asked our amazing friendor experts, twin sisters, Cedar & Megan from Paper Goat Post some of the most common wedding stationery questions to help make the process a little easier and also to get to know them a little better. At Paper Goat Post, you will be able to get invitations, RSVP cards, wedding menu cards, and even name plate for your guests all in one spot.


How is working together full time?

A: “We’re actually quite used to it… we’ve always worked together, even before Paper Goat Post. We both started at Universal Orlando as interns and stayed in the same department for 11 years before opening PGP together. We make a great team and being twins has helped so much… we just understand each other. We both bring a unique set of skills to the table which really balances our business. “


What is your design background? Describe your store in three words.

A: “We’ve always gravitated towards creative & artistic outlets however, we don’t have formal design training. We took art classes growing up but our “formal” training stopped around high school. Cedar is self-taught when it comes to graphic design, watercolor and other mediums – she definitely has the artistic abilities. Megan has a keen eye for design and give creative art direction more so than taking on the actual design work. If we had to describe the store in only three words they would be : curated, festive, and inspired!”


What types of printing processes do you offer and which do you specialize in? Do you offer envelope printing?

A: “We offer just about every method of printing – everything from digital printing, thermography to letterpress & foil. We do a mixture of each of these methods based on our client’s preference (and budget). Letterpress & foil are PGP favorites however a great design printed digitally can be just as stunning.

Yes, we offer envelope printing! We also partner with a few local calligraphers to offer hand lettered addressing for our clients. In most cases, we send out our designs for printing elsewhere. We have hand selected a few printers located throughout the country based on their quality & customer service. These printers have been great partners to Paper Goat Post when it comes to fulfilling orders.”


Do you offer custom invitations as well as template styles? What is the difference?

A: “Custom designs are our absolute favorite. We also have curated a selection of invitation & social stationery albums that we offer at Paper Goat Post. The difference between making a selection from a curated album & a fully custom design is the level of customization you have. The albums we have curated allow you to customize colors, photos & sometimes motifs where with fully custom your design possibilities are endless. A custom design is great for the bride who has already has vision of what they want their day to feel like. Through a consultation we are able to translate the vision/feeling that they want to convey into an invitation design that is perfect for them. Invitation Myth Buster: A custom designs does not always mean your invitation will be out of budget. A custom design is often comparable to the options you’ll see in invitation albums.”

Do you offer a package or a discounted price when someone orders all of the invitation components at the same time? What is the turn-around time for wedding stationery?

A: “We offer a discount on additional items such as menus, programs, table number, place cards etc. with a purchase of an invitation suite. This is a great way to make your wedding or event feel cohesive. This attention to detail will be noticed by your guests. Our turnaround time for wedding stationery does vary depending on the printing method. Luckily we almost always can accommodate our clients timelines even when they are in need of a quick turn around time.”


Are there any popular styles, trends, color, paper type, ink and fonts combinations to consider when ordering wedding stationery?

A:  “Wedding stationery design is so personal for each couple… you really see your bride & groom’s personality shine through in their selections.  We have noticed a few popular design elements recently – florals, custom monograms & traditional designs with graphic text. Paper quality is becoming a priority for our clients, specifically fine cotton/linen paper and double thick papers. Wax seals are making a comeback too – we have been designing a lot of custom wax seals which add a perfect finishing touch to a design.”


What about calligraphy? Do you work with anyone?

A: “We offer hand lettering & calligraphy options for both custom invitation designs and for guest addressing. Among others, Flax & Wool Designs and Do Tell Calligraphy are a few local favorites … both ladies are amazingly talented & have unique styles.”


Any advice on wedding invitations timeline? When to start on and place invitations order? When to mailed save-the-date and formal invitations?

A: “We recommend starting the design process at least approx. two months prior to the date you would like to mail your invitations in order to avoid rush fees or increased shipping costs. Of course in order to see how invitations fit into your overall budget & wedding theme we often do consultations a 6 months to a year out. Overall a great rule of thumb is if you are sending out save the dates, they should be mailed 1 year prior if guests are traveling or 3-4 months prior if most guests are local. Invitations should follow 6-8 weeks prior to the wedding. If you are not sending save the dates your invitations should be sent 10-12 weeks prior to the wedding. We always suggest giving extra time if your wedding falls around the holidays or peak season.”


What makes PGP different from other stationery stores?

A: “Your shopping experience! We strive to promote the lost art of snail mail and take pride in making our clients feel comfortable and confident throughout the invitation design process. During our consultation we will discuss your vision, budget & stationery needs. From there we will work with you throughout the entire process to ensure your vision is executed flawlessly.”   

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