As this year comes to a close, we have reached the point where there are only three more friday in the year of 2017. For our last three blog posts this year we would like to take you down planning with the peacocks lane . We will be highlighting the key features of each of our elegant weddings and marvelous events. Please join us as we reminisce one more time of the fun we have had planning in 2017.

wedding review wedding #1

Pavone Events’ 2017 Wedding Season kicked off with Kristina and Taylor’s wedding at the Estate on the Halifax on January 14. They were so sweet to work with. You could almost feel the true  love between them. The two decided to write their own vows; their was not a dry eye to be seen.They were truly written from their hearts, so touching and beautiful. We feel honored to have been a part of your very special day.


In late January, we were asked to partake in a friendly design challenge. Orange Blossom Bride, a local blogging company, held their one year anniversary party. Amanda, the owner and operator, invited several wedding planners to design different tablescapes. Our inspiration came from the vivid Lilly Pulitzer colors and Oranges, which was fitting for this celebration. The peacockquad prides themselves on thinking outside of the box. From the farm table, country chairs, and the intricate floralscape. Our goal was to bring the beauty of nature into our design. Which in the end was the “WOW” factor. We were happy to be involved in the challenge and be able to showcase some of our vendors.


wedding review #2During the month of romance, February,we had the opportunity to be a part of Lucia and Tim’s wedding at The Four Seasons. This couple were very specific in their idea of how their wedding would be. More important than their vision for what the wedding would look like, was their vision for what the wedding would feel like. It was paramount to them that their wedding was intimate, personal and family-oriented. Throughout the entire planning process we focused on that one goal.  With a small, intimate guest count, that consisted of only family and their closest friends; this wedding was unlike any we had done before. They booked two separate spaces, one for dinner, and one for dancing.  Once dinner had concluded, the guest ventured to the next room for dancing and late night snacks. Lucia and Tim had one goal, it was wonderful to help them achieve it.


Simply elegance, there is no other way to describe it. Marilyn and Cass’ wedding was held at wedding review wedding #3The Alfond Inn, on February 25. This lovely couple’s wedding was warm, personal, and full of so many tender and loving moments. They were already married, however, they had not had a wedding celebration.That is exactly what this wedding was; a celebration of the union of an amazing couple. It was truly a day filled of love. It’s days like this why we love what we do, to be a part of such a beautiful wedding, to be made to feel as though we were a part of their family, it is simply such an awesome feeling!


Blood may be stronger than water, but is love? For Meg and Bertrand it sure was; they had a long distance relationship in the beginning. This lovely couple met while on a sailing vacation in The South of France, Bertrand was her captain. On March 9th, we celebrated Meg and Bertrand’s wedding at the beautiful grounds of Cypress Grove Estate House. Their love for sailing and traveling was the theme for their Special Day! With an array of dreamy hues of blue, grey and white, it was hard not to fall in love with every detail. They were excited about their first look; it was simply an unforgettable moment for the both of them, and us. The perfect moment just to be… happy in love!!


We were thrilled to be a part of our first multicultural wedding where East met West! Sonya and Matt’s three day multicultural wedding at the Omni Hotel was nothing short of alluring and exhilarating!  Indian weddings are quite a unique experience – never before have you seen such a wide array of colors, food, and music blended together in a large, family celebration. It’s amazing how elegance and class shines through all the cultural and religious rituals. The first dance was mesmerizing as they flowed across the floor together. Being apart of the planning from the start, it was something special to see the weekend unfold so flawlessly.


Every wedding is something different, new people, new unforgettable memories made and we simply love that.  We were able to work with so many wedding industry pros and we would like to send you all a huge thank you for exceeding all of our and clients expectations.

Tune in next Friday for part two…

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