Welcome friends!! We would like for you to meet the phenomenal photographers, Claire & Rob of That First Moment Photography. They are a girlfriend boyfriend tag team like no other. We can honestly talk forever about how much we adore this pair of beautiful people and what they do.We had the pleasure of working with them with one of couples at Cypress Grove Estate back in March. Their pictures were simply breathtaking to say the least; the way they manipulate the natural lighting to their benefit is genius. We are excited to be able to share some of their work with you, as well as give you the opportunity to get to know them and their company.

that first moment detail shoot

~How many years have you been in business and what do you like the most about it?

I started my photography business eight years ago under a different name, when Rob and I fell in love we knew we wanted to share in the joy of other couples love stories as well. That decision spawned our new name “That First Moment”!

We love that we get to share in every celebratory moment our couples have, starting with that first moment they say I do, and in some very lucky occasions we get to capture that first moment someone gets down on one knee and pops the question!

With most of our couples we are blessed to capture all the incredible milestones that follow, and get to witness the growth and journey of each couple we meet.

~How does working together full time feel? What is your biggest pet peeve?

Rob and I have been close friends since we were 14 years old! We became best friends at 25 and have been inseparable since. I think he and I are lucky to have an amazing chemistry (or incredible patience haha) when it comes to work and life balance. It’s definitely no easy task though. Somedays he wants to work and I want to go to the beach and other days he wants to stay in bed and I’m acting like a drill sergeant pulling off his sheets. Our biggest pet peeve is work hours. I enjoy the steady focus I get working the late AM hours, Rob prefers waking up early and I am not a morning person!!
~How far in advance do you book weddings?

We have found that as social media has become more of a powerhouse, couples have been booking closer to their dates. We have had couples book us 2-5 months out. How they get it all done is beyond me! (You are all super heroes). However we have a handful of clients who book us as far out as a year and a half in advance. We already have two Jan 2019 bookings!! The image below is from a bride who booked us one month out!

~ What first drew you to your style of photography?

We love the candid unposed art as much as the next photographer, and we do it for all our couples. However, I have always been known as someone with more of an edge. I love creating special art for my couples, something no one else has. I love the idea of making an image look as magical as their wedding day felt. When a friend visits our clients home and sees a gorgeous print on their wall, we want their reaction to be like; “Oh my God! That looks like a scene from a movie” or a fairytale, or is that really you two??” the thought of that is what drives us to go the extra mile on their wedding day and make a few pieces that everyone will remember, as well as artfully capturing every moment in-between!
~ Describe your photography style in three words.

Magical, Artistic, Bold
~ How does black & white versus color come into play?

There are moments that black and white images really bring focus to the dramatic moments that happen between the couple and family on their wedding day. There are moments that color would just detract from the feelings they shared. I am a lover of color but our couples can expect a good 10% of their images to be focused on those moments in black and white.
~ Favorite lens you use and why?

I am a sucker for the Sigma 35 1.4 art lens. I love the medium format feel of an image when I take it (the look you see on magazines). I can capture really awesome candids or room situations both close and far away with the focus solely on the story I am telling. On an average wedding about 70% of my images are taken on that lens. Rob is attached to his 50, I’m talking bear claws people, bear claws! You may never see it leave his camera.
~ What steps do you take to make couple’s experience with you as pleasant and memorable as possible?

I believe in over communication, the more our couples know the better the images. Rob and I are also very selfish and want every single couple to be our friends. We talk about our life, their wedding, we talk to them about their timelines and make sure that by the time they are at their wedding day, we feel like another guest to them. Aside from the fact we receive great joy from creating these relationships with our couples, it also translates fantastically over their images when they feel comfortable to be their full selves in front of our lens.
~What is your favorite moment to photograph at a wedding?

As cliche as it sounds we adore that first moment the couple lays eyes on one another, whether it be during the walk down the aisle or their first look, we are personally partial to a first look because the couple really gets to take in one another and the giant milestone they are about to embark on without an audience. Just a moment for them alone. Its super freaking romantic, and every now and then my face gets wet capturing it, and even though he will deny it, I’ve seen Rob shed a tear.

~If you could shoot a wedding anywhere, where would it be and why?

Ooooohhh this is a toughie!! There are so many gorgeous places to have a wedding captured. However we are going to have to go with India or Thailand, I just really want to capture something stunning and culturally different than anything we have yet to experience. It could be in a hut, or even in a Bazaar. The more unique and full of emotion the better.

~What is your best piece of advice for engaged couples?

Rob and I agree, this moment in time is a celebration, savor it. The whole planning process could be hectic, (this is why you MUST GET A PLANNER) even still, make it fun and remember the reason you are doing it. It’s not about the “perfect” day it’s about the perfect marriage. Keep each others wants and needs in mind during this process, and you’ll have less stress and have a much more enjoyable time on your wedding day. My suggestion; I know how badly you want the day to go smoothly but as hard as it is leave the stress to the professionals, enjoy the day as in unfolds and just be a married couple!!

~What makes That First Moment different from other wedding photographers?

We like to double date!! Haha, Seriously though, Rob and I are very much people pleasers. We enjoy seeing the people we are capturing genuinely happy, and we will pretty much do anything to make that happen! I have jumped around making squeaky noises to make babies laugh, Rob has literally given the shirt off his back to a groom due to an issue with the grooms shirt. I have serenaded couples who eloped so they had a first dance song (even though I may not have hit every note lol). We laugh along with your guests, and boogie with cameras in hand to make them feel more open to antics in front of the camera. We are really fun people who want to capture real epic moments and hope to create something awesome from it!


Checkout their website http://www.thatfirstmoment.com

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