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As fun as wedding planning can sometimes be, it can also be overwhelming and your #peacocksquad would love to share some tips, best advice and inspiration from some of the best vendors in the wedding industry with our couples. Selecting a wedding venue is one of the first decisions you will make as an engaged couple. If you’re looking for a romantic outdoor venue for your wedding, Cypress Grove Estate House is the perfect place for you!


This charming Colonial styled Estate House embraces the elegance of the property historic past, but with a contemporary twist. We have had the pleasure of working on this  property and with it’s fabulous team on some pretty amazing weddings and today we would like for you to get to know why we love this gorgeous venue so much. We are happy to have Cypress Grove as a guest on our blog!

–  Tell us a little bit about the Cypress Grove Estate House and your staff? What is your favorite part of your job?

Cypress Grove Estate House was built as a private home in 1925 and has since become one of Orlando’s most sought after Estate style venues. The venue sits on the cusp of Lake Jessamine and features stunning sunsets just about every day of the year! The house offers a lovely bridal suite and large outdoor event space, complete with a charming rose garden that blooms almost all year long. One of our favorite parts of the job is getting to work with so many different couples – they each have their own unique personalities and vision and it’s so fun watching all their plans come to fruition on wedding day!

– Describe the venue style in three words? How many events do you host a day?

Romantic, classic, charming. Depending on the type of event we can host up to four events per day. For larger ceremony + reception events we only host one per day.

– What is the max number of guests you can accommodate? Is there any time restrictions? Is there a Day-of Coordinator?

We can accommodate up to 200 people in our outdoor ceremony and reception space. The venue is in a neighborhood area so our events must end by 10pm. Don’t worry, though – we’re only 15 minutes from downtown Orlando if you want to have an after party. While we do require a wedding coordinator for all Estate House events we do not include one in our venue package.

– What ceremony and reception options do you have? What’s included in each package? Is there a backup plan for rain or inclement weather?


The majority of couples opt to utilize our lakeside gazebo for their ceremony. We encourage our clients to be creative and some have chosen to do a ceremony on the grand lawn instead. Our ceremony + reception package includes a full day rental, ceremony chairs, reception tables + chairs, standard market lighting, dance floor, and a beverage station. As our event space is outdoors, the best back-up option for inclement weather is a tent.


– What are your favorite bridal trends? Are there any decorations limitations? Are candles allowed?

Our team is loving jewel tones, lush greenery/foliage, custom bars (think speakeasy or bubbly bar),  and unique entertainment – we recently had a client hire an artist to do a live painting during their event and it was incredible! We love seeing all the beautiful designs our couples dream up with their coordinator and florist; however, there are some limitations – we don’t permit items to be attached to structures by means of any type of adhesive, with nails/screws/staples, etc. Rest assured, though, florists have come up with many creative ways to attach floral to the various structures around our venue! Candles are permitted outside =)

– Do you offer a “preferred” list of vendor? Is there a fee for using a vendor outside the venue’s vetted list.


Yes! Our preferred vendor list is more of a recommendation list for clients, they are not required to choose solely from those on our list. There is no fee incurred if clients choose vendors not on our list.


– What, if any, has been your biggest challenge? How was this resolved?

One of our biggest challenges in the past was keeping the amphitheater lawn (our main reception space) green and looking fresh. With so many events taking place maintaining that space became quite overwhelming. We opted to remove the grass and replace it with brick pavers, which has worked out not only for us but for brides and their guests as well – they can wear heels and not worry about sinking in to the grass =)

– What is one tip you can give to a couple looking to book a venue?-


Reach out early – venues are one of the first things clients book so if you have a date in mind start your search right away. We can accept bookings up to 18 months in advance and have already sold out of Saturdays for several of the first few months of 2019.


– What makes Cypress Grove different from any other venue?


Our location – we’re in the heart of busy Central Florida, but being in a neighborhood location and on the cusp of a stunning private lake really adds a sense of serenity.


– This last one is just for FUN!! If you were a beverage / cocktail drink, what would you be?

Mint Julep or Moscow Mule


A big Thank you to our friends at Cypress Grove for taking the time to answer our questions. It is one of our favorite venues to work at and we are excited to be able to show case them today. OVer the past year we have had many wedding with them. Here are some photos from those weddings. If you would like more information from this amazing venue please check out their website. The link is provided below!


Cypress Grove Estate House

Cypress Grove Estate House