Welcome Friends, to Our Venue Spotlight of The Luxmore Grande Estate! 

As fun as it is, wedding planning can sometimes be overwhelming and your #peacocksquad would love to share some tips, best advice and inspiration from some of the best vendors in the wedding industry with our couples. Selecting a wedding venue is one of the first decisions you will make as an engaged couple. If you are looking for a luxury plantation style estate with modern amenities for your wedding, look no further more than the Luxmore Grande Estate, nestled in the heart of Winter Spring, Florida.


We have had the pleasure of working on this  property and with it’s fabulous team on some pretty amazing weddings and today we would like for you to get to know why we love this gorgeous venue so much. We are happy to have Luxmore Grande Estate as a guest on our blog!


–  Tell us a little bit about the Luxmore Grande Estate and your staff? What is your favorite part of your job?


Luxmore Estate is a truly unique venue; we like to think of it as a hidden gem. Not many venues can boast such a stunning and glamorous exterior with an interior to match. Also being that it is Florida we love that we can provide both an outdoor and indoor experience.

As far as staff goes we are amazingly we rounded, we each bring something to the table. While we each hold our individuality and own way of doing things we mesh incredibly well which ensures balance and that we get the job done.

The favorite part of our job is being able to help a couple shape their perfect day and then being able to see the end product, months of hard work boil down to one beautiful and memorable moment.


– Describe the venue style in three words? How many events do you host a day?


Lacie: If I only had three words to describe Luxmore, it would have to be: sophistication, romance, and grandeur.

Elizabeth: Three words that epitomize Luxmore would be Timeless, Elegant and Showstopper.

We love that we host only one event per day, making it feel extremely exclusive for our couples. They feel and know they are our top priority; we are not just worried about moving on to the next event.


– What is the max number of guests you can accommodate? Is there any time restrictions? Is there a Day-of Coordinator?


We can accommodate up to 200 guests with 160 in our Grande Ballroom and the remaining 40 in our adjoining Estate Room.

We offer full day rentals however the latest the venue can remain open is 11:00 pm.

We do ask our couples to pick at least a day of coordinator from our list. This way we can ensure the level of service our clients receive but still give them options on picking the best planner for their event and needs.


– What ceremony and reception options do you have? What’s included in each package? Is there a backup plan for rain or inclement weather?


We have several great ceremony space options which depend on guest count and preference for outside or indoors. Outdoors is by far the most popular in our Jessup Garden and generally, all receptions are held in our beautiful Grande Ballroom. The great aspect of Luxmore is we can provide both an outdoor and indoor experience, as well as an indoor backup space in the case of inclement weather that goes beyond just a tent which is the only option with most all-outdoor venues. In the case of inclement weather, we can use either the Grande Ballroom or estate room as a backup ceremony space.


– What are your favorite bridal trends? Are there any decorations limitations? Are candles allowed?


Lacie: My favorite bridal trends right now are gem tones, ‘edgy-chic,’ floral linens, and modern southern vibes.

Elizabeth: My favorite bridal trend is an abundance of greenery.  I love when they bring the outdoors in by putting garlands on our grande staircase and drip vines and wisteria from sheer draping in the ballroom.

As far as limitations we do not allow anything to be hung directly on our walls, and no open flames are allowed indoors. However, I have seen some amazing LED candles recently that imitate flickering candles which are a great option for our space.


– Do you offer a “preferred” list of vendor? Is there a fee for using a vendor outside the venue’s vetted list.

We do provide a preferred vendor list, but the only vendors you are required to use are our caterer, lighting/draping expert, and finally choose from our list of coordinators. Beyond that our list is recommendations and couples are allowed to bring in outside vendors as long as they are licensed and insured with no penalty.


– What makes Luxmore Grande different from any other venue?


We think the character of the estate itself makes it so unique. I mean how many homes can boast chandeliers in every room, a Grande Ballroom that can fit up to 160 people, and of course beautiful details such as an antique library. Also, the staff here works so hard to make sure every bride and groom have a memorable journey on the path to wedding planning; we work so hard to make this venue come to life.


– This last one is just for FUN!! If you were a beverage / cocktail drink, what would you be?


Lacie: Margarita all the way! It was my signature drink at my wedding

Elizabeth: French 75 – sweet, unexpected and refreshing.



A big Thank you to our friends at Luxmore for taking the time to answer our questions. It is one of our favorite venues to work at and we are excited to be able to show case them today. Over the past year we have had many wedding with them. Here are some photos from those weddings. If you would like more information from this amazing venue please check out their website. The link is provided below!

Click Here!


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