Getting engaged is a day that most girls dream of from a young age. Wedding engagements can be one of the most exciting parts of the wedding process. Proposing to the love of your life is possibly the single most nail-biting experience one could ever face. The stress of getting that one special moment right can be the biggest decision you will ever have to make. Once you’ve made the decision to propose, you want to get it over with ASAP. But don’t let your nerves make you blurt out those four little words before the moment’s right. The proposal story will be told for the rest of your lives, make sure you put your own spinning it.The moment you get engaged should be an unforgettable occasion!! Did you know that 43 percent of marriage proposals occur between the months of November and January? As we are in the heart of engagement season, we here at Pavone Events wanted to share some advice and tell you about some of our couples’ proposals.


Immediately following the proposal, everyone wants to know how he proposed; it is the first question people ask. Truth be told, telling and retelling the story is part of the fun of being engaged. Our advice to you is to write down your proposal story, put it on your wedding website, then send friends and family the link so that they can get the full details.


Not all proposals have to be big extravagant affairs. It should be personal and meaningful to each individual couple. If your ideal date is sitting at home on the couch with the dog, use it. We had one groom that proposed to his bride by attaching the wedding ring to their dog’s collar and letting the dog go to her after a long hard day. The bride said it was amazing, uplifting, and exactly what she needed that day. To some that seems boring, however, for her, he could not have planned it better. The key to the perfect proposal is knowing your partner.


One of our new brides recently shared their story with us. She is a huge Harry Potter fan, he is not. But he knows that it is important to her. He took her to Universal Studios and proposed in the Hogwarts area of the theme park. To him, it was not a big deal. But to her it was Magical. Now they are set to get married in 2018, at a Universal Hotel. They wanted to get married in the place they got engaged.


Once you’ve told the story of how perfect the proposal was, don’t let the excitement of being engaged start to fizzle out. Yes, there’s a lot to do, but set a date that gives yourself plenty of time. It is important that you have fun during the planning process. Turn the planning process into something to look forward to, do it together. Remember to remind each other of why you are getting married in the first place. While he won’t be allowed to see the dress you have chosen, you can make memories together during other elements. Treat your menu tasting appointments as date nights; sample so many cakes that you feel sick; make each other laugh at your mutual lack of knowledge at the florists… just have fun with it!

A couple’s engagement photo shoot would feel frivolous any other time, but you’re engaged, so it’s totally allowed! If you can, book it with your chosen wedding photographer. It’ll allow to gt comfortable around them, before the big day come. You’ll capture so many beautiful photographs together in a far less formal setting and without the pressure. The photos could even be used on your save-the-date or wedding invitations.


So Ladies, here is your excuse to break out the champagne, flip through some magazines and scroll through some Pinterest boards……it’s time to start planning!!


We can’t read minds , but we have been in the business for a while and we can almost bet that you’re thinking, “What do I do next?” First off, congratulations on your engagement! This is such a happy and exciting timer in both of your lives so don’t stress and worry about all of the little details, that is what we are here for. The more information you have to share with us, the better will be able to make your dream wedding a reality. Celebrate, throw the confetti, do a happy dance and enjoy this moment. Getting engaged is no small event. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event purely about you and your fiancee.


So take a deep breath and leave the planning to us!! Contact us today to get started on your journey.