Over the last year and a half we have seen some unique favors from our couples and our couples always ask us for ideas on wedding favors.  While each wedding is different we tell our clients to think of something that is a reflection of their personal style, culture or something their guests would really enjoy.  Below are a few ideas for favors


  1. Photobooth Strip Frames:  Alyssa and Scott used the 2×6 Photo Strip Frames to house their escort card and later in the evening guests could replace the escort card with their photobooth picture


  1. Cultural Favors:  Strong family traditions play a part in this unique wedding favor.  TJ and Joanna paid homage to her Italian Culture with the bombonieres or jordan almonds.  These 5 almonds represent health, wealth, happiness, fertility and longevity.  Black Cake and Columbian Coffee was Natasha and Lukas’ guest favors for their wedding honoring the grooms Guyanese Culture and the Brides Colombian Culture

Useful Items:  Our Grooms Matty and Hany love to read and gave their guests handmade bookmarks that Matty’s mother had made.  They were made with papyrus and had Egyptian Symbols on there for Hany’s Egyptian Heritage.  Both Garrett and Ericka as well as Mimi and Aaron chose bottle openers as their favors to go with the theme of their wedding day.


So as you can see the world is your oyster and there are several options when it comes to favors, for me, you can never go wrong with food so that is always my go to:)