Getting married is such an exciting milestone within your life. Why not add a creative, personal touch to your nuptials with a unique unity ceremony. The single most important part of the wedding day is the couple uniting and becoming one. Modern couples have started putting their own twist on traditions like the unity ceremony, crafting meaningful representations of religion, heritage, family traditions or something else entirely. Not all of our couples chose to do a unity ceremony but those who have done them, have done some really unique ceremonies that you can incorporate into your big day.

Plant Ceremony:  The mothers of both Ericka and Garrett obtained soil from their own gardens. It was this soil that Garrett and Ericka added to a the pot that held their new plant.  This is perfect for the eco-friendly couple. It was also special because it had some family culture added to it. All of us grow in marriage with the help of our family.

Unity in Glass:  I did this for my own wedding and love this. You go to Unity In Glass’ website (Link) and pick out your finished product and colors for the glass beads. You would conduct this in the same way as a sand ceremony then ship off the contents to Unity IN Glass and they make it into a beautiful blown glass piece.They have bowls, vases, statues, paperweights and ornaments. Since then, two of our couples have also done this.

Garland Ceremony: Traditionally in Indian Weddings the bride and groom exchange garlands.  The garlands are usually made of carnations or roses. It’s a modern take on an old tradition…these alternative can really personalize your special day!

Then of course you have the more traditional options such as the Unity Candle and the Sand Ceremony.  Made popular by outdoor and beach weddings, sand unity ceremonies are undoubtedly one of the most popular alternatives. The bride and groom each have their own color sand which is then poured together to represent the blending of their two lives.

Some of our couples have even chosen to even include their children in this ceremony. The inclusion of other family members might be the perfect twist on a traditional ceremony. Remember it can be anything you want it to be. The Unity Ceremony can be fun and filled with laughter, adventure, and create memories for all.


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