Planning a wedding, especially if it is outdoors should include a weather backup plan.  Every couple put their heart and soul into planning their dream wedding. They have this perfect image in their minds of how this day will look. For many of them, that image includes an outdoor wedding. As wedding planners, we take no pleasure in crushing that image. However, sometimes it happens. When we tell our couples that the outdoor wedding they planned has to be moved inside, that is essentially how it feels. The decision to move inside is not one we make lightly. If we have to move, it is time to go to the “Weather Back Up”. Plan the wedding of your dreams, but have a backup plan for the weather and accept that things like weather happen. You’ll be able to enjoy your day and if the unexpected happens, you’ll be ready. Fail to prepare and embrace the plan and you’ll be more miserable than your guests are.


As we are in the middle of Hurricane season, it seems like an appropriate time to talk about the importance of Weather Back Ups. It seems like an obvious concept; however, it is often overlooked. Alternative spaces are often offered by venues. In the case that the venue does not, there is always the option to rent a tent. If what you are picturing is a plain old white tent, Stop!!! There are various options for tents now days. One of our recent couples did not want to take the chance of rain. Regardless of weather, they made the decision to rent a tent. A large tent with a clear roof was the tent of choice. Market lights were strung up on the posts creating a romance feel with the help on the rain that remained on the clear roof top. It looked like we had planned a beautiful rain scene.


There is this idea that rain on your wedding day is a good sign. There is no truth behind that.  This is Florida, the weather here is unpredictable and can range from a beautiful sunny day to a monsoon all in the span of a few minutes. However, there are several other things associated with it. So If you’re are confronted with an off weather day here are some tips to help make sure your backup plan is just as good as the original.


Tip 1: Trust Your Planner.

        Remember you hired the planner, you have worked with them through the whole planning process, trust them! Know when the weather call will be made and respect it. Understand that when we make the call to move the wedding inside, we waited as long as we could to make sure that we make the right decision no only for you, but for all parties involved.

        Take Hurricane Irma for example, she changed everyone’s plan. Several venues moved their evening weddings up in order to make sure they were still able to have the wedding.


Tip 2: Be Prepared and informed.

         Before you book a venue, find out what their weather backup offerings are. Do they have an indoor space available? Do they provide tents or some other type of temporary structure. While you were probably drawn to a venue for its primary spaces, you want to understand what you’ll get if the weather doesn’t cooperate. Make sure that you see the space and you can picture yourself getting married in said space. When looking at the potential back up location, do not look at them with the idea that, “it does not matter because we are not going to need it”, because you might need to. Although everyone will tell you, “ it won’t rain,” you should be prepared for the worst case scenario. If the backup options are not up to par, you may want to consider another venue. Secure a tent if you’ve fallen in love with a venue that doesn’t have an adequate contingency plan, and add it into your budget.
weather back up tent      

Tip 3: Vendor safety and concerns.

      Weather conditions have known to ruin florals and most electronic equipment. Delaying the decision to move inside could cost you a lot in damages. That is not something you want to have to deal with after your wedding. However, if sacrificing and only these, then we suggest that you invest in wedding insurance.

       Brides and photographers, remember to look for places inside to take photos. Scope out the venue or even possibly off site locations for stunning photos. Making the most of the day and enjoying the weather will allow you to be able to look back fondly at your wedding day.


Tip 4: Prepare your guests.

        Make sure that your guests have all the details for your wedding, that includes the weather. You know that the plan is to have the wedding outside, inform your guests so they may dress accordingly; be it for sun, rain, or maybe even a cold front. Weather information is a great piece to add on your wedding website.

weather back up space