Every engaged couple wants to have a beautiful wedding day, and that vision usually includes fresh florals. The sky’s is the limit when it comes to flowers for your wedding, but realistically you can plan on spending about 8-10% of your overall budget. Nothing jazzes up a wedding quite like flowers. But be warned; these delicate beauties may hurt your budget if you’re not careful. The average price for a wedding has increased over the past few years; as have the related items. National average for weddings in 2017 is 35,329. Orlando’s wedding average is $40-42,000. That being said we wanted to do a take the time to discuss wedding Florals and their cost.

When choosing Florals it’s important to remember that you are not just paying for the flowers; you are  hiring a professional to design the centerpieces and bouquets, the office and equipment to store it, let’s not forget, assembly is required, as is delivery. These details often get overlooked when constructing a budget, but they are important when it comes to creating your perfect wedding. Be sure to have your whole budget worked out in advance of meeting with your florist for the first time so he or she can show you all the options in your price range. While it’s good to have a sense of what’s available for your budget, a smaller budget doesn’t have to mean low expectations: it just means being more flexible. Your florist should be able to listen to your ideas and then work within your budget to create something that you’ll love! Have realistic expectations, be flexible in your needs and keep an open mind.


Personal Florals: This is something that is special to every bride especially their own floral bouquet which will not only be your best accessory on the wedding day (Besides your bling) but it will be also showcased in most of your photos. We usually like to incorporate a little color just so there is some contrast against your white or ivory wedding dress.  Not all brides like that and will opt for a more traditional all white bouquet. The flowers you choose and if they are in season can play a large role in the cost of your florals. If you have a favorite flower try to incorporate it into your bouquet at least, if your budget does not allow it to be throughout all the wedding floral. So, just how much should you set aside for wedding flowers? We have put together an estimated cost (approximate) of some commonly requested items to help you set aside a realistic budget.


Bride’s Bouquet:  $175-350 (Depending on Flowers and Season)

Bridesmaids $85-120 each

Boutonnieres-$10-15 each

Mothers Corsages/Nosegays- $30-50 each


Ceremony-Structures have varying costs depending on the vendor.  Are we decorating an existing structure or building one on site?  

Arch or Chuppah with Drapery: $450-950

Altar Arrangements: $225-350 each

Petals for Aisle: $150-250


Reception Decor:  What size tables and how many will determine the final costs of these florals.  Can we repurpose items from the ceremony to use for the reception.  Most common trick is to reuse the altar arrangements as tall centerpieces for the reception. You can also reuse the Bridesmaids’ bouquets for short centerpieces in vases.  

Centerpieces- $125-300 each


To make the most of your budget….Use in-season or locally grown flowers, add greenery looks lush to a bouquet or the chuppah, choose larger blooms, add ribbon or tulle to bouquets,  repurpose your ceremony pieces and bridesmaids bouquets and fill empty table spots with votives.

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