Most brides worry themselves sick thinking that something will go wrong on the day of their wedding. Learning to be too prepared for any possible problem is the best thing a wedding planner can do. One must anticipate things that could go wrong and do whatever they can to avoid them. Each client will have their own unique needs, and therefore, they’ll have their own particular problem to resolve. Being prepared for wedding day emergencies means foreseeing any potential problems—​​with the client, the venue or the vendors—​and having the necessary supplies to prevent these problems before they affect the wedding day. This is why planners should put together their own emergency kits to take to wedding with them. How each planner stocks their emergency kit varies from person to person.


A variety of emergency kit supplies, tools and materials are needed to ensure we are equipped to handle even the most MacGyver of situations.With there being no way to know what will happen in advance, it is a good idea to cover all the bases. For example, brides wear light colored wedding dresses, if something were to get on the dress it would be easily noticed. Having a stain removing pen in the emergency kit is a helpful. Another item to keep in all kits is bandaids, and make sure to have a selection of different sizes. We recently had a wedding where one of the guests slammed her foot in a door and her toe was bleeding. With the items in our kit, we were able to bandage her up and get her back on the dance floor.


What is included in a kit may vary from one event to another, but you’ll probably find a few items that you always want with you. Your emergency kit is based on your preference and can include whatever you think you may need. It is important to make sure the emergency kit is restocked before the next event, just in case something is missing, or maybe you think of new additions.


You’ll will never be able to eliminate or predict every little thing that one could run into during an event; but by being prepared, you’ll feel more confident as you take on the day! Here are some suggestions???


Must haves:

  • Complete First Aid  Kit
  • Bobbie pins
  • Stain removal pens
  • Gum or mints
  • Pocket sewing kit
  • Feminine Products
  • Scissors
  • Eye drops
  • Lint roller
  • Kleenex


  • Spear wedding band
  • Beauty Items and Fashion items
  • Travel size deodorant
  • A variety of tapes
  • Cough drops
  • Pain relievers
  • Sunscreen
  • Wine bottle opener
  • Lighters
  • Crochet hook