Each wedding brings with it something special, as does each event. That is why we love to share our weddings with you. Thank you for joining us for the second installment of 2017 in Review. Love is simply a beautiful thing, and it is clear to see when you are i the presents of real love. The smiles and the excitement on the faces of our newlyweds, is so fantastic to see!


With Blossom trees and beautiful weather, our spring couple’s wedding was picture perfect! Natasha and Lukas seamlessly intertwined their cultures and traditions for their fusion wedding weekend at Reunion Resort. From Bollywood to La Hora Loca this 3 day fusion wedding was nothing short of awe inspiring. Their love story could be used to as the plot line of a romantic movie; it was classically beautiful and positively elegant.



First dances, they are a couples first steps as a married couple. It’s one of those moments for each couple where it actually sets in that they are married. Rachel and Rohan had so many sweet moments during their
wedding at Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista, but their quiet embrace during first dance as husband and wife made it seem like they were the only ones in the room. It was the perfect way to start Memorial Day weekend!!


A baby’s first birthday is a milestone for both the little one and the parents. Therefore, this day deserves to be amazing. On June 25th, we helped Esha’s 1st Birthday. Cute pink tutus and shimmer gold details were just the beginning of this Minnie Mouse inspired birthday party. This birthday celebration had tons of cute Minnie treats. We simply adored being a part of Esha’s magical day!! Our first of many birthdays to plan!


Once upon a time, on a beautiful summer day a delightful couple celebrated their fairy-tale wedding. Adrianna and Burke celebrated a timeless, magical, and romantic wedding at The Four Season. Their wedding had Happily ever after details overload! Everything from their stunning venue to thrilling entertainment choices were some of the most magical things we’ve experienced with weddings. Working with this lovely couple was exciting and being able to incorporate Disney, something that meant so much to them, was truly special. Our 4th of July weekend really started of with a bang!

We always tell our wedding clients to have the wedding they want and not a wedding everyone and tradition expects! Where your hearts can be free, where you can truly enjoy each other, where love flows as easily as the smiles. On July 8, Aniesa and Dan’s wedding at Luxmore Grande Estate was a reflection of that and it reminded us of why we love what we do! It was a lovely day filled with so much love and sweet moments, lots of dancing and fun that will last a lifetime. Congratulations to Vaughans!!!  

Becoming a woman is an important milestone in most cultures. Arianna turned 15 years old this September. Her parents wanted to give her the best Quince they could. We helped them plan and design the perfect minimalist Quince at the Four Season where all magical things happen. Arianna’s parents had one more surprise for her on the day of the event. They had Mickey and Minnie come to the Quince. Arianna was speechless as they came into the room. This truly was a beautiful event, a celebration of a true princess.

Orlando is a beautiful city, the skyline is perfect for pictures; if you can get high enough. Luckily, for Kristin and Tony the Citrus Club is on the top floor of the building and the view is absolutely breathtaking. weddingBay windows allowed for natural light to shine in, and as the sun set the hues of pink and orange made Downtown Orlando’s skyline the perfect backdrop for their reception. For their first night as husband and wife they stayed in the heart of downtown Orlando, at the Grand Bohemian.

Some venues need very little imagination to be turned into a dream wedding, then some need a lot of tender love and care. But for those venues, once you dream it, magical things can be done. In a hall in Baldwin Park, our couple Fay and Cory made they wedding vows to each other. We helped them design a Chinese American Fusion wedding. Drapes transformed the space to match their desires. It was all about this lovely couple and their perfect wedding day.

Every wedding is something different, new people, new unforgettable memories made and we simply love that.  We were able to work with so many wedding industry pros and we would like to send you all a huge thank you for exceeding all of our and clients expectations.

Tune in next Friday for part three and our last blog of 2017…

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